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THE FAMILY GUIDE to Disability and Personal Finances


The book is directed at helping individuals with disabilities and their families find financial solutions to the financial challenges of disability. A very common concern of families is their difficulty in getting information that makes sense and lets them move on. The search for answers is filled with complexity and while perhaps not a Rubik's Cube, it certainly is a jigsaw puzzle with more than a few pieces. 


The book is intended to be a guide for planning. Planning will be better if it is based on good structures for such things as family wealth transfers, good tax and estate planning and the use of proper legal agreements. Hopefully, the book will give readers a road map as well as understandable information that can be used to take thier own situation to a higher level of resolution - with more confidence and less heartache.  


Whatever you may learn from the book, remember that everyone with a disability is a person first and shouldn't be defined by their disability. See them as they live their own lives everyday - going to a hockey game, attending school, or being with family. 




I have a disability, yes that's true, but all that really means is I may have to take a slightly different path than you. 


Robert M Hensel



T: 519-884-7087.

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